Industrial Products

Exports of industrial products are of vital importance to the Cyprus economy because of the small size of the domestic market. The Island’s industrial sector offers a wide range of products of agricultural, mineral and manufacturing origin. The main exportable industrial products are photosensitive semiconductor devices, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, confectionery, cigarettes, clothing, pharmaceuticals, aluminium products, furniture, paper products, automobile parts and accessories, cement and plastic products.

The modern technology employed ensures products of the highest quality and long shelf life. All production, packaging and storage procedures adhere strictly to European regulations and standards. Cypriot manufacturers are constantly following developments and technological advances in their field of activity.

The main export markets for Cypriot industrial products are the European Union countries taking up around 50% of total exports. They are followed by Middle East countries at 23% and other European countries at 12%.

If you are interested in importing industrial products from Cyprus in your country and you are seeking for a trading partner, you may obtain all essential information by visiting the website of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry. On their website you can get under Members Directory a comprehensive list of the Cypriot enterprises dealing with the Product or Service in question.